New CPD Training from Aurora

Aurora has further developed the CPD training it offers. Training now covers both Crown & Bridge as well as Prosthetics and can include hands-on practical experience. It is interactive and suitable for all dental professionals.

We recently ran a whole day course for the VT dentists from Telford (worth around 5 hours of CPD) and were delighted to get an ‘Excellent’ feedback rating.

We can tailor shorter presentations for groups in their own practices, or at our lab. If you think that this could be interesting for you, please call Maz or Nigel.

Aurora achieves the DAMAS Quality Standard

On March 6th Aurora was audited and awarded the DAMAS quality standard. Not only did we meet the standard, but we did so with zero non-conformities!

This was in no small way to the huge efforts of our Lab Manager Maz and from the support offered to her by the rest of the team at Aurora.

We are proud to be able to display the DAMAS logo on our paperwork, which should be appearing quite soon. But we also understand that achieving the standard is only the start of a continuous journey; so we will strive to identify issues before they become problems and to deliver a performance that is right first time, every time.

Faster Turn Around Times

Aurora is pleased to announce that in response to a number of requests we have reduced our turn around times. It is now quite simple if we collect on a Monday we will deliver back to you on a Monday, Tuesday to Tuesday etc.

Most work returns after one week but for our cosmetic services, flexi-dentures, orthodontics and the metal stage for Cobalt Chromes we usually need two weeks.

Whilst this means that you might be able to book your patient in for an appointment a week or fortnight later, please be careful to consider which day we will collect (i.e will collection be the following day) and also make the booking  at least an hour after the usual delivery time to allow for possible traffic delays.

As now repairs and additions will usually be delivered overnight.

Zirconia Cosmetic Range and Opalites

Since introducing our Zirconia Cosmetic Range for anterior teeth (zirconia coping plus porcelain finish) we have been surprised at how well it has taken off. Patient feedback has been first class.

We have recently introduced a new zirconia product, called ‘Opalite’. It is a pure zirconia tooth or bridge available in a range of shades and can also be stained to give pleasing aesthetics. Opalites are intended for posterior teeth and given the price of gold are a very cost effective alternative to full gold crowns.

Heraus Teeth have arrived!

We are now offering Hereaus Artic Teeth in addition to Delphic and Natura. Perhaps you already use some of their products within the surgery because of the quality realated to Hereaus. After months of research we have found that Hereaus Artic Teeth are an excellent alternative for NHS dentures and we are pleased that we are able to offer them at the same price as Delphic teeth. If you would like to use these in your acrylic work please take a vita shade (using your usual vita shade guide) and record Hereaus next to the shade box on our lab sheet.