Our Staff

nigel clark
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Nigel Clark

Nigel and his business partner in Junipa Holdings, Patrice Bourgois, bought Aurora in June 2004. Nigel and Patrice originally worked together in the auto industry and between them have extensive experience of working in World Class Manufacturing.

In Aurora, Junipa saw an ideal opportunity to acquire a business with potential that required financial and management investment to take it to the next stage of its development.

Nigel is married to Julie (hence Ju Ni Pa). They met when they were both on the same degree course at Liverpool. Outside of work Nigel races a classic Moto Guzzi and shares a passion for Scuba diving with Julie, although these days it tends to be limited to holidays in warm water.

Registered Technicians

Aurora  has four technicians registered with the GDC. Additionally two registered technicians work for us on a sub-contract basis during our busy periods

Aurora is supporting two trainee technicians through the Foundation Degree in Dental technology at Birmingham Meteropolitan College. They will both graduate and gain GDC registration in 2014.



Crown & Bridge Technicians

Roger Davis
(GDC 109172) qualified through the City and Guilds path.  He recently passed the landmark of 40 years as a technician. As our ceramist he has a huge amount of experience available for you to access.

Mark Eldred
(GDC 112627) Mark joined us after completeing 23 years service in HM Forces as a Dental Technician. He has extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of Dental Technology.


Prosthetics Technicians

Marisa Adams-Clive
(GDC 108071) who prefers to be called ‘Maz’ is our Laboratory Manager. She earned her Dental Technology degree at Manchester University. She is primarily responsible for the ‘Private and Independent’ acrylic denture work.

Robert Sutton
(GDC 112767) has 16 years prosthetics experience. He focuses mainly on the production of the NHS acrylic work, but can equally help you with issues relating to private dentures.