Working with Aurora

Help Us to Get It Right First Time

“Our philosophy is that we try to think of Aurora as part of your dental team, so please involve us; don’t hesitate to call us as your formulate the treatment plan – particularly with difficult cases. Working together increases the chances of  getting it right first time, a happy patient and minimises costly chair time.”

Return Dates

As a guide our turn around timings are as below:

Crown & Bridge 5 Working days
Orthodontics 10 Working days (Sent to specialist technician)
Acrylic – Bites 5 Working days
Chrome Frames 10 Working days (Sent to specialist technician)
Acrylic – Try-ins 5 Working days
Acrylic – Finishes 5 Working days (10 days for Flexi-dentures)
Cosmetic & Custom Restorations 10 Working days

Repairs & Additions

Simple repairs or up to 3 additions Overnight
Multiple additions / difficult cases may require 1 day in lab
Specialist repairs to metal structures 3-5 Days
Hard Re-lines 1 Day in lab
Soft Re-lines 1 Day in lab

As a rough rule of thumb, if we collect on a Monday we will return on a Monday, Tuesday to Tuesday etc.

Please be sure to allow for collection and delivery days (or postage time) when booking the next appointment for your patient.

Clear and Full Instructions

Please don’t be afraid to spell out in detail what you want, nor assume it will be obvious to us; better too much information than too little. For tricky cases we are only a phone call or email and photograph away.

If we don’t understand we will try to contact you, but sometimes ‘chasing up’ instructions can mean work is not returned on the day requested.

Shade Guides

Prosthetics use Delphic, Natura and Vita shade guides. Crown and Bridge use Vivadent Shade guide.  We are more than happy to work with other teeth but please allow extra time for ordering.

Email Price List

Our price list is available as an EXCEL spreadsheet.

If you are a current client please email us with you account refrence number (found on your invoice or statement).

If you don’t work with us at present please email and tell us who are – your name and work contact details or GDC number.

If you would also like a paper copy (laminated A4), simple request it in your email.